Retrieval Day

I’m having a difficult time writing this post, and I’m not sure why.  Today was retrieval day, and all went as well as could be.  We didn’t sleep through our appointment (in fact, DH was up at 2 and I was awake by 4, even though we didn’t have to be there until 6am).  DH kept me giggling through the two hours of prep, and my awesome, amazing doctor performed the retrieval.

The procedure itself was a bit weird, in that one moment I was being told “scoot down, scoot down further” and the next, I was back in the room I’d started in, awake and only slightly confused.  (And, honestly, the main point of my confusion was not that I remembered nothing, but the last thing I remembered was the gentleman who asked me my name & social security number was a FORMER STUDENT which freaked me out enough for me to repeat this like, six times to the nurse helping with my recovery.)

I also have perhaps the slightest cramps in the world, and mainly just after I switch positions.  I felt well enough to eat (honestly, for the first time in like a month I was actually hungry), and more than well enough to teach my 5PM class tonight. Which, I promise, I took it easy: DH drove me to campus, and I told my students that I’d just had outpatient surgery, and I was fine, but as I wasn’t to make any financial or legal decisions or operate machinery, it’d be best if the 15 of them took leadership roles during workshop, and I’d just sit in the circle and contribute when I could. And you know what? They did.

Also, it was amazing having the doctor we really like and trust perform the retrieval.  She has been wonderful through this entire process, which we really needed, and I found that I could be honest with her about a whole mess of stuff, like why our post-test results meeting with her was such a trainwreck on our end. She also knows exactly what to say to me: she’s called me young, petite, and she told me that I had superstar ovaries. And she gave me a hug for luck this morning, which meant a lot.

Finally, I know I’m not doing numbers, but they retrieved 17 eggs from me.  Seventeen!  So now it’s all hoping that beautiful little embryos grow from them.

In the meantime, I’m taking the evening off.  No grading.  No packing of any boxes. No answering frantic emails of any type. Just some bad TV, some vicadin, and some sleep.


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