My DH is terrified of needles — hates ’em. He dreaded that blood test we needed before our wedding more than anything; the same thing happened when he had to have the infectious diseases blood test before we began IVF.

Me, on the other hand, I don’t really care about the needle itself. It’s the measuring and the syringes and the lack of bubbles and the clean surfaces and the pinching the right place that had me all freaked out.

But my first morning of Lupron injections is over, leaving behind only a light ache in my thigh, and DH slumbers on, far removed from any needle madness.

(Oh, and we still don’t have our Pharmacy order. I’m still dealing with my insurance company issues, and the only reason I have Lupron is because our clinic was kick-awesome enough to lend it to me. Here is hoping that today, the authorization goddesses smile on me, and my order is shipped.)


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